Diesel Fuel Injector Identification

Delphi Part Number Identification

The Delphi part number is located on the side of the Injector on a sticker, just below the Delphi name. 

For example EJBR04101Z.

The three word prefix at the start varies from EJDR and EJBR. R04101Z is the part number. When coming to placing your order we do require the whole number (including letters) from the Delphi Unit.

01212 470 516   - OR -   01214862740

Bosch Identification

The Bosch part number is located around the black plastic cap. 

For example 0445 110 068.

That is a part number of a Bosch injector. When it comes to ordering we do require the whole 10 digits.  Please bare in mind we do not do Bosch Injectors with 115 or 120 in the middle of the part number 

Still unsure? Give our sales team a call, we'll be more than happy to assist you.

0121 247 0516 or 0121 486 2740


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Diesel Fuel Injectors in Stock

We have hundreds of Genuine Diesel Fuel Injectors in stock Today ready to order. To ensure quality, all stocked injectors are fully programmed and tested before we dispatch and are supplied with complete test reports. To ensure we are sending you the correct unit we require the exact model number of your injector. Please contact us for questions of select from the Bosch or Delphi Injector Part Number Indetification links.

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